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Meet Your New Drum Editor

Hi I'm Jon, founder of and I specialize in editing multi-tracked acoustic drums. If you just recorded some drums for your latest song and need some help editing them to sound their best, you're in the right place. I started this site in 2017 and have edited drums on hundreds of songs. I can quickly help you get your drums sounding their best, giving you a perfect foundation for your next song. Send me a message and let's get your drums sounding great!

What I Do

Drum Editing

Drum editing involves adjusting the timing and replacing bad hits in your recorded drum tracks to improve the overall sound and performance of the drums. The goal is to create a polished and professional sound that complements the overall mix of the song.


Have several drum takes for the same song? I can piece together the best parts from each take to give you the best performance possible.

How It Works


  • Send me a message with details about your current or upcoming project
  • I'll give you a quote based on your specific project
  • Payment isn't necessary until completion of work
  • Then you prepare your tracks for transfer

Prepare Your Tracks

  • Please don't send Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, or any other DAW session files, just the audio files
  • Each file must be clearly labeled (i.e. Kick, Snare, etc.)
  • WAV or AIFF format for each drum track in the sample rate and bit depth they were recorded at.
  • Consolidate each track to start at the same starting point.
  • If there are any tempo changes, please include this information. Typically in the form of a midi file.
  • If you can, include a reference track like a guitar, bass, keys, etc. Or a mix that excludes the drums.
  • Transfer files with WeTransfer, Dropbox, or any other file transfer service you like

The Editing Process

  • I'll then edit your tracks the way you'd like
  • When drum editing is finished, I'll send you a print and you can check the work
  • If you want any changes, let me know and I'll take care of it
  • Your individual edited tracks will be sent back to you once payment is received

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I have perfect 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, and Soundbetter. Here are some of my favorite reviews:

positive review  As a busy recording engineer and producer, i find it hard to book multiple clients and also finish deadlines. Jon is a fast and accurate engineer that takes the time to learn about your project and edit its content with 10/10 accuracy. I recommend any producer or engineer that needs to save time and increase their workflow, to employ Jon on one of your projects, you wont be disappointed!

Mitchell Paul Barker Avatar Mitchell Paul Barker
March 9, 2020

positive review  Jon has edited several of my drum tracks and the results have been amazing every time. I’m happy to recommend for anyone who is looking for a high quality, professional drum editing service. Thanks Jon for your great work!

Roni Seppänen Avatar Roni Seppänen
February 16, 2020

positive review  Fast, reliable and high quality - 3 things that don’t often come in one package, however Jon from The Drum Editor has delivered all of these and more for my projects. Handing the reins over to someone can be stressful, but I rest easy knowing Jon will do an amazing job every time 🙏. Thanks bud!

Guy John Avatar Guy John
August 17, 2019

positive review  Fantastic results, excellent communication, rapid turnaround. Jon is everything you're looking for in an engineer, and his editing chops are top-notch. Highly recommended!

Alex Looney Avatar Alex Looney
August 12, 2021

Contact Me

e.g. How long are your songs? How many tracks? How tight do you want the editing? When do you need them completed? Do you need editing, comping, or both?

You can also find me on soundbetter for drum editing if you're more comfortable on their platform


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